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The Painters Hall - Last additions/juonar7

The Painters Hall - Painted Pictures of the Cabals Doings and Knowings

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Juo'nar: YOU THERE! Listen well. I have what I came for.
Eric Of MiRC: yes
Juo'nar: The name Juo'nar will be known throughout the land.Tell your foolish masters that they're time has come!!!
Eric Of MiRC: I shall
Juo'nar: You're petty world of order means nothing to me now.!!
Eric Of MiRC: We will not stand for evil such as you
Juo'nar: I fear not your foolish words
Eric Of MiRC: I shall not attack you, I respect your strength,
Juo'nar: It would do you no good.
Eric Of MiRC: but I despise your ways.
Juo'nar: Despise me if thou wish, you will kneel before meas will all of Britannia!!! These monks were but the first to die!
Eric Of MiRC: Hmm.
Juo'nar: Your name will be numbered among the dead or the followers,there are no other choices!
Eric Of MiRC: I will be dead, never a follower.
Juo'nar: That is unfortunate. The world is preparing to move on. my order shall rule.
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