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The Painters Hall - Paintings of Old

The Painters Hall - Painted Pictures of the Cabals Doings and Knowings

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The Stronghold of Jou'Nar451 views
The Grand Reopening of Leiahs Rune Library607 views After a long, long time, there is a safe haven for those in Felucca that need a rune library. Leiah's Rune Library is now officially open to the public again.
There were many responsible for this special location's re-opening. Lady Molly of House Gauntlet, Lord Halister Marner of Heralds of the Awakening, Lady Andrasta of Goodman's Rune Library were some to name a few and were present. Numerous other contributors aided with their generous donations as well.
The Enchantress459 viewsWearing a necklass known as "Mondains Embrace."
a black gem.....possibly a stone that would grant her imortallity?
ask Cear about this...
That Dead Guys Stuff465 views
Speaking of the assassin monk, Duryn425 views
Peering into the pack of Martoo, we can see the original Blackrock456 viewsa black-dyed fragment of the gem of imortality
Our Good Friend Duryn, Who Gave His Life To Aid The Cabal452 views
Old UO advertizement picture623 views
<Town Cryer>Violetta: Some of the latest news! In 45 minutes to 1 Hour. Hear ye! Hear ye! Sir Geoffrey Captain of the Royal Guard will be giving a Short Speach883 viewsSir Geoffrey: Hail brave citizens of Britannia.
Sir Geoffrey: I, Geoffrey, Captain of the Royal Guard,
Sir Geoffrey: come to thee with a matter of grave urgency.
Sir Geoffrey: An esteemed citizen, Sir Duquelle,
Sir Geoffrey: who was granted protection from the Followers of Armageddon by my liege,
Sir Geoffrey: has been kidnapped while under MY watch a few nights past,
Sir Geoffrey: and I now fear for his safety.
Sir Geoffrey: In this dark hour, I must ask for thy assistance in the recovery of Sir Duquell
Sir Geoffrey: and the capture of the wretched dogs that were involved in his abduction.
Sir Geoffrey: At this time, we know of one of their strongholds,
Sir Geoffrey: but these swine could be anywhere.
Sir Geoffrey: I will not rest until these cowardly renegades are brought to justice!
Sir Geoffrey: The weight of their crimes shall come crushing down onto their evil bodies,
Sir Geoffrey: and Justice shall prevail!
Im probably in this pic I think im the guy in the blue robe long gray hair and the norse helm top right, found this at422 views
Hilarious.426 views
As in every Ultima, there is atleast one way to slay Lord British865 views
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