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The Painters Hall - Paintings of Old

The Painters Hall - Painted Pictures of the Cabals Doings and Knowings

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Speaking of the assassin monk, Duryn425 views
Im probably in this pic I think im the guy in the blue robe long gray hair and the norse helm top right, found this at422 views
A wisp of darkness1100 views*a painting with the name Cear at the bottom right*
438 viewsSmogg greeted the green Lich and the exchanged evil smiles. Jou'nar was well pleased his cargo was here. Yet he spoke of how some in Trinisic had yet learned to leave. His words were spoken with determination. One knew he would indeed accomplish his goals. Jou'nar began telling the crew of their next task they needed to fulfill. He spoke of a Liberian named Joye. He told the crew to bring him her head and the crystal she has on her and they would be greatly rewarded. He gave instructions where she could
478 viewsAll on board spoke not a word. They waited. A few days before this day Smogg had meet with The Green lich and made a deal to supply his army of undead with corpses. A deal signed n blood at the NCR tower between the two Evil Lords. Smogg, Cult Leader of Ncr, Anna, Dark Princess Ncr, Aj , Dark Sage R!P and Van Holst, Ncr, watched for Him to come. Their meeting had been arranged for 6:15. Then at exactly 6:15 he approached the crew. He was a sight to behold. Jou'nar the fallen Paladin had come to meet the
461 viewsA Pirate ship sailing from Ice Island with cargo. The smell of partly frozen -rotting corpses filled the air around the ship. Sea Pirates aboard. Sailing for Trinisic. Choppy blue waters rocked the vessel as it sailed to its destination. the ship sailed past two lone fishermen who noticed the Erie vessel. Jack, The Ripper, R!P, a well known sea Pirate, skillfully brought the ship around to the Harbor In Trinisic
434 viewsImages and voices soon filled his dreams. Voices within the Tower of Infernal Necromancy. A necromancer and a taking undead paladin. Words were exchanged and a deal was made. The vision changed.
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