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The Painters Hall - Paintings of Old

The Painters Hall - Painted Pictures of the Cabals Doings and Knowings

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369 viewsImages and voices soon filled his dreams. Voices within the Tower of Infernal Necromancy. A necromancer and a taking undead paladin. Words were exchanged and a deal was made. The vision changed.Dec 23, 2007
370 viewsDec 23, 2007
343 viewsAccording to Jou'Nar the activities of Nystul, Dupre and Joye are quite insignificant now.
Any information held by Joye would have next to no impact on the Trinsic situation.
More importantly a cunning scheme proved fatal to many paladins as false information about ways to defeat Jou'Nar had been planted in the hands of HoA, The Awakening.
Dec 23, 2007
357 viewsDec 23, 2007
354 viewsDec 23, 2007
354 viewsDec 23, 2007
Hilarious.361 viewsDec 23, 2007
Im probably in this pic I think im the guy in the blue robe long gray hair and the norse helm top right, found this at359 viewshttp://www.lostorder.comDec 23, 2007
387 viewsDec 23, 2007
376 viewsDec 23, 2007
361 viewsDec 23, 2007
Peering into the pack of Martoo, we can see the original Blackrock384 viewsa black-dyed fragment of the gem of imortalityDec 23, 2007
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