The Painters Hall - Painted Pictures of the Cabals Doings and Knowings

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close-ups490 viewsthe only thing to take note here is a few gold and silver coins thrown into the fountain by the local children for wishes. and to see the detail of the birds nest on the lookout tower. I would also add some bird spawn on the fountian as seen in the other two pictures.
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Jan 06, 2009
The Inside.472 viewsThe way I see it, this place needs to look like a functioning bank of a worlds capital. not a place where you walk up yell bank and sit there. I have placed bank tellers on the south wall windows for window side banking. stationary NPC's occupy most of the space/chairs simulating active bankers. And seriously, this is Britain... where are the guards? well now they guard the front door, and the entrance to the treasure room. I would like it so that the door to the treasure room can only be opened by invisible players, who can then enter to open the chest on the table, a khaldun style puzzle box. also note the privacy curtains, bookshelves to keep records and documents, and the banners showing the silver serpent of our absent king. Don't forget the scales, coins in those days oft did vary in size and value.Jan 06, 2009
The Outside457 viewsYAY MORE GUARDS!! Indeed, in case of robbery well be prepared with stationary archer-snipers. also Ive created a lookout hut. underneath the hut is a table with four chairs with guards sitting in them. there are cards and dice out. and a communication crystal that will say ("char name" is snooping "other char name" down there) or something to that effect is someone is indeed snooping there. Oh and there is a bench by the lantern. there's really nowhere to sit out there.Jan 06, 2009
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