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The Painters Hall - Painted Pictures of the Cabals Doings and Knowings

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The Temple of Xorinia957 viewsyou saw this one night in a dream
Who have we killed?659 viewsEachother
A wisp of darkness1032 views*a painting with the name Cear at the bottom right*
One Book Sank into the Sand, Another Fell From the Sky564 views
As in every Ultima, there is atleast one way to slay Lord British808 views
Life, that is.537 viewsThe Zig Cabal
Good for letters to people482 viewsAsk Cear On How to Use These
Lord British forewarns the future invasion, and hard times of Magincia548 viewsAnd so it was at the climax of the britannian year of three hundred and sixty-four, numberless prophecies would come true.
Animat2.gif viewsLink is to flash video of magincia's salvation. Special thanks to Halister Marner and Isk
The Final Rift Guardian Hath Been Slain. The Moongate is Free, Magincia....Saved?560 views
Isk deticating time to thought after the attack on Magincia745 viewsPainted by Ceinwyn Ab'Arawan
<Town Cryer>Violetta: Some of the latest news! In 45 minutes to 1 Hour. Hear ye! Hear ye! Sir Geoffrey Captain of the Royal Guard will be giving a Short Speach820 viewsSir Geoffrey: Hail brave citizens of Britannia.
Sir Geoffrey: I, Geoffrey, Captain of the Royal Guard,
Sir Geoffrey: come to thee with a matter of grave urgency.
Sir Geoffrey: An esteemed citizen, Sir Duquelle,
Sir Geoffrey: who was granted protection from the Followers of Armageddon by my liege,
Sir Geoffrey: has been kidnapped while under MY watch a few nights past,
Sir Geoffrey: and I now fear for his safety.
Sir Geoffrey: In this dark hour, I must ask for thy assistance in the recovery of Sir Duquell
Sir Geoffrey: and the capture of the wretched dogs that were involved in his abduction.
Sir Geoffrey: At this time, we know of one of their strongholds,
Sir Geoffrey: but these swine could be anywhere.
Sir Geoffrey: I will not rest until these cowardly renegades are brought to justice!
Sir Geoffrey: The weight of their crimes shall come crushing down onto their evil bodies,
Sir Geoffrey: and Justice shall prevail!
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