Cear Dallben grew up in the once beautiful city of Montor with his life long friends Olan and Martoo. He was a student with them in the Montor School of Professions where he trained in fencing and the Alchemical Arts. It was a crisp and fate filled day in Montor when a group of Scholars passed the great city of pleasures and spoke to some students at the School. Cear Olan and Martoo took heed to there words well. It was then that Cear learned of Zog, a Meer of long ago and his power to speak to the all powerful races of there world, the Wisp. Cear knew that the scholars were right in there beliefs and actions. Cear knew that no true good could come with no consequence. He saw the order of the world falling all around him; The recent eruptions near montor, the war of the Juka with the Meer, The sudden invasion of the underground castles. He knew he must cleanse the world and let it start anew. And it was on that day that Cear, Olan, and Martoo joined the Zog Cabal and made new brothers, Junin, Miron, Jou'nar, and Zendella.
Immediately the Cabalists began there search for the power of the Wisp Born Scroll. Soon people began to wonder of the Cabalists actions and if they were going to do any good. But after the occasional curious man stepped in on their plans and did not return to his home again, The officials of Montor and Reg Volom set out after the cabalists. Despite there clever hidden rooms and cabalists were seized in the Wisp Dungeon they has constructed, and were banished into the Gate of Justice. Thus casting the men into the land of Sosaria. where they wasted no time getting back to the plans, for this new world, there home world, and the lands that have yet to be discovered.