Drago stands short around 59 or 510.Dark long hair dips to just below his shoulders with a neat curve, well kept.  He is not muscular or even noticeably toned by any means, though changes are sometimes apparent due to massive intake of alchemical potions.  His skin is white with only a very light tan, his color an olive tinted complexion. His facial features include a pair of green eyes and a small neat goatee of dark color.  His appearance is not overall intimidating, but his movements are quick and precise, seemingly very calculated.First and foremost an alchemist, Dragothien prides himself on his work and also studies weapon specialization.  His personality is an odd one, ranging from deathly serious to joyfully humorous. The obvious obsession with his work and its affects are immediately apparent at almost all times.  The more destructive his work proves to be, the happier and more excited he becomes.